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Arcade Nintendo cocktail table melamine edging (Umleimer) - 50-55mm

The melamine tape is now international available at etsy or ebay

Melamine Edging to use for Nintendo arcade cocktail tables like:
Nintendo Radar Scope
Nintendo Donkey Kong
Nintendo Bomb Bee-N
Nintendo Space Firebird
Nintendo Computer Othello
Nintendo Sheriff
Nintendo SF-Hisplitter
Nintendo Space Launcher
Nintendo Space Fever
Nintendo Monkey Magic
Nintendo Head-On-N

melamin Umleimer Edging 55mm
Nintendo Radar Scope with new edging


Remove old edging carefully, complete with adhesive layer, using a chisel. Do not heat the old edging, this will not help.

Nintendo cocktail stripped edging tape
removing table edging


Be sure that all of the surfaces are flat and old adhesive fully removed, check the screw holes from the glass mounts. If you like use a black permanent marker and use it for the 90 deg edges:

Edging Umleimer Tools

Turn your mom's iron on. Test the heat with a small piece of the new edging on a similar wooden board like the Nintendo wood. Wait 10 min. If edging can be peeled off apply more heat. Iron setting about 75-80% heat should be fine. When the adhesive melts stop heating. A piece of paper or something similar between hot iron and edging to prevent edging damage is not needed.

This edging can be bent with heat over 90 deg edges, but don't do this with a Nintendo cocktail table. Better to use two pieces around the control panels. The Nintendo table has 2 wooden layers which are not exactly cut, the result would not be good and the edging can crack. The round edges are not a problem.

Cut edging off at the edges in a 45 deg angle, like the original. If not, the edging can peel off or can be damaged when clothes rub at that place again and again. If you painted the edge in black with the marker, as described before, you will not see the light brown wood and there will be a perfect result.

* Important: When you use a sharp knife don't use it as a saw! Cut only in one direction, away from the edging! Step by step, slowly, don't cut into the wood. 

Check the edges and heat them slightly again if needed. Use sandpaper to get a great finish at all the edges. I use 180 grit. Be carefull, don't press too hard, do small steps.

Sandpaper to finish work
Perfect result, looks like factory made

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